In the time I have been associated with the ACCC I have always found the Confraternity’s journal The Priest an invaluable source of scholarly material both useful and inspirational, firstly for a seminarian, and then a young priest. Although sometimes dense, it has always been well worth the read.

The consistent quality of The Priest has been in no small part due to the tireless and skillful work of its editor for the past ten years, Rev. Dr Paul-Anthony McGavin. I was surprised and understandably intimidated when asked at the 2011 Annual Conference to accept nomination as Dr McGavin’s successor. This nomination was reluctantly accepted only after long prayer and the encouragement offered by some brother priests.

This edition contains a tribute to Dr McGavin and his editorship by colleague and friend Rev. Dr Timothy Deeter. In this first editorial I wish to mirror Fr Deeter’s words and thank Fr McGavin for his faithful work and for his kind assistance in facilitating a smooth change-over to the new editor.

At the request of the Executive this changeover has occasioned a redesign of the publication from the ground-up. A professional graphic designer was employed to assist in this process. It is hoped that this new layout will be both clear and visually appealing.

I am grateful to those who made contributions for this edition. Some articles are edited lectures or sermons delivered at the Annual Conference or retreat. Others were specially commissioned for print. All the contributions are original and are published only in The Priest.

The feature article for this edition is an edited form of Fr Marcus Holden’s lecture, delivered at the Annual Conference in June, entitled Apologetics and Evangelisation. Fr Holden’s words are a timely call for a renewed approach to catechesis that proposes to this generation the timeless truths of the Faith in a way that is clear and comprehensible to the contemporary mind.

Other pieces published in this issue are shorter and deal with a range of topics spiritual, pastoral, cultural and scholarly.

Finally, if members have suggestions, comments or submissions they can be posted to the ACCC Secretariat marked to the attention of ‘The Editor’ or they can be emailed directly to

Thank you for your continued support of The Priest and indeed of the Confraternity. May God bless you now and always.

Rev Gregory Bellamy is assistant priest at Dubbo, in the Diocese of Bathurst. He was ordained in 2010, and he succeeded Dr McGavin as editor of The Priest in 2011.