Author: Archbishop Julian Porteous

The Kerygma as the gateway to holiness

My brothers, we are all deeply aware that we are moving through a time in our society where its Christian underpinnings are increasingly being removed. We know that many even among our Catholic people no longer have a Christian mind. Many who would consider themselves Catholic have been shaped by the spirit of the world. This is currently very evident in the debate about changing the definition of marriage. We lament the loss of Christian culture which we love so much. We are saddened that many young people see no relevance in the sacramental life of the Church. We...

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Starting afresh from Christ

A reflection on the ‘Year of Grace’ The decision of the Bishops of Australia to have a “Year of Grace”, with its subtitle “starting afresh from Christ”, was to me at least a surprising outcome to an extended period of reflection by the bishops at their meetings over a period of two years or so. The proposal for a reflection on how the bishops could best respond to the challenges we face in Australia at this moment in our history was an initiative of the then President, Archbishop Wilson. He proposed an open ended discussion on the topic. Generous...

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