Author: Fr John Flader

Professionalism & the priest

Professionalism and the priest. What a strange title for an article on the priesthood! Priesthood isn’t a profession – it’s a vocation. Agreed. It is above all a vocation, a calling from God from all eternity to serve souls in the ministry, making Jesus Christ present in his three offices of priest, prophet and king. But there are aspects of priestly ministry that call for professionalism – doing things in the way a good lawyer, doctor or accountant would – and if we fail in that regard we would be letting our people down. And they would be –...

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Handing on the faith

Adult faith formation The Priest is published twice each year, and all members and associates receive a copy. Overseas subscriptions are also available. Each issue of the The Priest is uploaded twelve months after publication date. This article will be freely available online from December 2014. To access future issues of The Priest in a timely fashion, join...

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