The November 2012 edition of The Priest was mailed to members this month. The issue’s table of contents can be seen on the right. The Editor’s note is as follows:

Thanks to the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the understanding of both the realities and the words of the heritage of faith is able to grow in the life of the Church. (CCC, para. 94).

The 2012 annual conference was, and much of this issue of The Priest is, devoted to a considered reflection on the theme of Grace as a contribution to the “Year of Grace.” This reflection reminds us that all pastoral endeavours, all efforts to perform good works, and even the fundamental statement “I believe” are the results of God’s freely-given, totally-unmerited favour.

The Universal Church has just begun a “Year of Faith.” As we celebrate 50 years since the calling of the Second Vatican Council and 20 years since the promulgation of the Church’s universal catechism, it is my hope that this and future editions of The Priest will assist our members and associate members to grow in their understanding of “both the realities and words” of our Catholic Faith – for the “heritage of faith” is not a burden to be carried, but a precious treasure to be preserved and communicated effectively to the people of our time.

— Fr Gregory Bellamy

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