Author: Fr Richard Umbers

Dan Brown parody

Dan Brown — that well known publicity agent for Opus Dei — has been working on a script that was leaked to Fr Richard Umbers, a priest of Opus Dei working in Sydney . . . This is a work of parody by Richard Umbers using characters from The Da Vinci Code world, which is trademarked by Dan Brown. Robert Langdon is a character created and owned by Dan Brown. The author does not stand to financially profit from the use of Dan Brown’s intellectual property. The year is 2009, the month – an unseasonably warm November. Loosening his Hermes patterned...

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Faith and understanding

How University Students (don’t) think Cardinal Pell is a man of great foresight. In 2003 he invited the University of Notre Dame (Perth) to open a campus in Sydney with a view to setting up Catholic schools of Law and Medicine alongside Teacher training, Nursing, etc. At the heart of this initiative lies a solid theology and philosophy department that oversees a core group of subjects in those areas that all students undertake. Now known as the Logos programme, I helped tutor the initial batch of 450 students in 2006. In the last six years numbers have greatly expanded...

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