Author: Fr John Corrigan

Using social media

Your parish and Facebook At last count, 11.5 million Australians were monthly Facebook users. That’s nearly two thirds of the adult population! Chances are, a great many of your own parishioners are in the mix. If the parish website is online and up to date, then a Facebook page is the natural next step. The latter will alert people to the former. A Facebook page is the online counterpart to the “Catholic Church ” sign on your local high street. This article will review the recommended steps to stake your parish’s Facebook presence. It is not nearly as time...

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The parish website

Evangelising the Digital Continent Social networking has passed from youthful fad to cultural force. ‘Social media’ like Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere were once poor cousins to websites and e-mail, but they now dominate the Internet, and they are integral to the New Evangelisation. Pope Benedict has repeatedly called for a new wave of missionaries to evangelise the “digital continent.” The Holy Father recognises that it falls particularly to the young — who have a natural affinity with new media — to become digital missionaries. Nonetheless, parishes also have an important role to play. I propose to write a...

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