Catholic Man Breakfast Series are now running in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Men in the Church are looking to be inspired by effective role models who share the same ups and downs, disappointments and wins. The CMBS is a “toe-dipper” for men to come along an hear an ordinary but passionate Catholic man speak. The talks come from all different directions but, not surprisingly, they all often revisit the thing uppermost in the hearts of men: their desire to be the best fathers and husbands they can be.

Leading out of the CMBS, menALIVE run non-residential menALIVE weekends in parishes or parish clusters all around the country. In 2013 there are 26 weekends planned for Australia. These weekends have brought many lapsed Catholic men back to the Church and encouraged already practising Catholic men to become better co-workers with their priests in the challenges facing the Church and the world.

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